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Three hour long professional workshops designed for all women to help improve their knowledge about breast cancer, risk factors, prevention and proper self-examination techniques.


The course is a part of Amberheart's community breast cancer awareness programme.


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Breast Health Training for Nurses 

     “First by a Breast”  is a program that can be established in every country and is directed especially to developing countries as well as for rural and remote areas with limited access to fully equipped diagnostic facilities that otherwise are relatively easily penetrated by community nurses.

The first time this program was introduced to nurses in Poland and it was divided into two parts:

  • Educational and

  • BSE teaching and CBE–performing, which was addressed to women across the country.

The first part involved the training of 143 nurses and midwives in the Mammacare method by a staff of 5 physicians, a Mammacare specialist from the United States, and six nurse instructors. Training was based on using breast models and training materials. Nurses who passed the theoretical and practical exam obtained a title and the certificate of Breast Cancer Prophylactic Consultant. (MammaCare Training in Warsaw, Poland)

The second part of the program was executed by these Consultants countrywide and involved performing free Clinical Breast Examinations (CBE) which were also a practical demonstration breast self examination (BSE). These Clinical Breast Examination were incorporated into Avon's Fight Against Breast Cancer campaign.

To control the accuracy of the Consultants and to allow them to resolve any diagnostic doubts – CBEs were backed up by two thousand mammograms funded by Avon Cosmetics Poland. Coupons for these mammograms were distributed by the trained Consultants to women with suspicious lesions found in their breast and/or to women from high risk groups.

What we accomplished:

  • We prepared survey forms for women, consultants and mammography centres to collect reliable data for the entire program.

  • We prepared and published 30,000 promotional brochures

  • We developed a coherent CBE screening/diagnostic mammography program.

  • We trained almost 5000 women in BSE

  • We trained 6 nursing instructors to assist us with the mass nurse training

  • We trained 143 nurses and midwives with the help of 5 physicians, a Mammacare specialist from the United States and 6 nurse instructors.

  • We presented 130 nurses, who passed the exam, with Diplomas of the Breast Cancer Prophylactic Consultant.

  • We dispatched around 100 nurses to more than 200 events countrywide. They examined women and taught them BSE (statistic - pdf. format). The nurses also distributed 2000 free mammography coupons and 30,000 promotional brochures.

  • We collected 4780 patient surveys, 4500 nurse examining charts and around 1980 mammogram charts (statistic - pdf. format)

The total cost of the program, with all the elements described above including payments for mammograms and payments for nurses, was US $ 95,675. This is probably the most efficient in terms of cost-benefit ratio breast cancer screening program in the World. The success of the entire operation was also achieved by  thousands of hours of volunteer work devoted to this program by Amberheart volunteers in Canada and Poland.

This program was sponsored by Avon Cosmetics Poland


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